Gas Station



Gas Station Project

These photographs were taken in part to draw attention to the present crossroads we are at as members of the biosphere and are also a study of the socioeconomic stratification of the city of Oakland. West Oakland was the first neighborhood photographed.

The photographs of downtown Oakland include two gas stations at the Grand/Telegraph crossroads which is a hub of consumerism. The camera froze for two or three frames and a double exposed photograph truly captured the capitalistic schizophrenic feeling of this zone which is poised on the edge of downtown and crammed with billboards, signs, vehicles, people and buildings. This area could effectively be any urban downtown anywhere in the USA where everything is vying for the consumer’s attention and promises satisfaction. The other downtown photographs are of the gas station in Chinatown. These photographs show the elegant Asian architecture and street signs written in both English and Chinese characters found throughout Chinatown.

Park Boulevard was the other area photographed. These photographs actually span several neighborhoods and move from near Lake Merritt up into the hills ending in Glenview. While one of the gas stations has obviously been closed for awhile surprisingly two of the others closed in the six months this project was shot in.

Photographs are a mixture of 35mm black and white and digital color.