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Dillon Westbrook

After finishing his B.A. in philosophy at UC Santa Cruz, Dillon Westbrook moved to Oakland to put down roots. Since arriving he has completed an MFA in poetry at Mills College; founded the journal use|usage; co-curated, with Jeremy Thompson, Plastique: A Gallery of Poetics; and worked in the building trades throughout the Bay Area. He plays drumset in Oakland-based bands OUTHEAD and The Gomorran Social Aid and Pleasure Club, and composes music for various solo and ensemble projects. In collaboration with the Subject to Change Performance Company, he created text and music for Study: 2013, a multi-media meditation on the end times in the early 21st century, performed in ODC’s Pilot 50 dance festival and StreamFest. His interest in writing about Oakland began soon after relocating, and has led to research into the literary, artistic, social and political history and present of the city, and to collaborative efforts with other Oakland-based poets.


Deep Oakland Editions


Simulpoem by Dillon Westbrook



Interview with Robert Grenier by Dillon Westbrook