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Jorge Boehringer

Oakland based artist Jorge Boehringer works in whatever medium presents itself.  His choice of materials range from the most basic (like light or sandstones) to exceedingly complex, or even ineffable media (e.g. a broadcast network of beacons and feedback forming a lattice of sounding points above a portion of Market Street in San Francisco).  Synthesizing his enjoyment of this diversity of materials into his prolific body of work, sound most often provides the algebra necessary to mediate physical concepts and ideas.  Jorge produces numerous live musical works for large and small ensembles, solo works for himself and others, video pieces, installations involving light, space, and sound, music for dance performances and for large scale theatrical productions, and experimental book projects and small publications.  In addition he is an experienced and ardent student of acoustics and sound design, a critically lauded organizer and curator, and a performer.  He has also created an impressive series of drawings, photos, paintings, poems and numerous mysterious objects.  What is Jorge doing this week?  You can ask him yourself while attending one of his Core of the Coal Man performances (a live ongoing solo exploration involving synthesis, a custom harmonic sound world, signal processing, acoustic sounds, instruments, voice, human perception and environments) He’s the one in the polar bear head!  You can hear his music on the WGBH website, and his website his recordings are available at and other places.



Femme Toupee, Issue 2 by Jorge Boehringer
Femme Toupee, Issue 1 by Jorge Boehringer
Femme Toupee, Issue 3 by Jorge Boehringer
Yam Yad by Jorge Boehringer
Sound Map of Changing Intentions Between Static Bodies I: Irregular Orbits About Land's End, Brother by Jorge Boehringer