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Cities are more than the people, buildings and geographical areas that define them. They are a nexus of connections creating active, vital communities. The size and shape of these connections may be invisible, even to the residents of a given city. And the location where one thing in the city connects to another thing is often on the move. Points of connectivity may be small, short-lived, visible only on a one-block radius. Connections mutate. Yet the way a city ‘looks’ from the outside (media) can remain proportionately static with the actual generation and re-generation of communities over time, the  transit and intersections of people, water, money, memory, ballots, animals, concrete, water, labor, food and information.

Affiliated with neither the tourism nor better business bureaus, Deep Oakland seeks to create a compendium of inter-linked images, text and sound that represent the complications and vitality of Oakland’s current moment.

This project is ongoing. As the website grows, we will continue to solicit and present archival and current materials from a diverse range of Oakland writers, artists, community leaders and organizations, materials that engage or investigate the city’s ecology, economics, politics, development, history and the arts.

Our hope is that Deep Oakland will both serve as a location for conversation to begin, and will extend conversations already in progress, to the point of critical mass where the interconnectivity of the activities of these disparate activists, artists and writers becomes visible and begins to positively impact the Oakland community and the world at large.

Deep Oakland is a project of A'A' Arts (501c3), sponsored and supported by Mills College and the James Irvine Foundation.

Founding Editors:
David Harrison Horton
Stephanie Young


Managing Editor:
Stephanie Young

Contributing Editor:
Lara Durback

Curatorial and Advising Board:
David Harrison Horton
Juliana Spahr
Dillon Westbrook